Fund Specifics

We are looking to raise US$1M initially, with a view to subsequently raise additional funds to explore other geographies in the emerging markets.

We will aim to achieve a 25% internal rate of return, and a target net multiple on successful investments of 3X over three years, however, returns will be distributed on a more regular basis, as there is no need to wait for exit events with liquid token investments.

Fund Raising

The fund will be raised via the sales of the GF DAO NFTs. On the first batch, we are looking to raise US$1M initially to start the operations and make the first batch of investments.

For further raising and NFT offerings, the decision will be made via voting.

NFT Collection

The collection will consist of 15.000 identical vote-weight NFTs.

Budget Allocation

The targeted initial fund amount: US$1.300.000

DAO setup and development budget (inc. smart contracts): US$50.000

Operational Costs (Team, advisors, accelerator fees, tools, vs): US$150.000

Marketing and Community Building: US$100.000

Investment Fund: US$1.000.000

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