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YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark

YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark, established by Yıldız Technical University in 2003 and brought to life in the Davutpaşa Campus in 2009, continues to lead in its field by maintaining its first place in the 2021 Performance Index of Technology Development Regions announced by the Ministry of Industry and Technology for three consecutive years.

Following the entrepreneurial university model of the 21st century, YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark has been converting new ideas into valuable outputs for almost 20 years.

Continuing its growth in line with the principle of sustainable development, YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark now offers service in a 148,000 m2 R&D office area with the opening of the 23,500 m2 Ikitelli Campus in 2014.

A technology hub that adds value to new ideas: YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark

YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark continues its work to strengthen the national R&D and innovation infrastructure in support of Turkey's 2023 goals, while also maintaining its path to becoming a productive technology centre with advanced technology and high standards through university-industry collaboration. It also hosts important initiatives in artificial intelligence and software and provides full support to award-winning companies in these fields.

In addition to these two areas, YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark hosts 330 R&D initiatives, 120 incubation initiatives, and more than 8,000 qualified R&D and software personnel working in the fields of telecommunications, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, aviation, health, food, energy, defence industry, construction, food and many other sectors.

1911 Business Hub

Opportunity to share the common experiences of the stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and benefit from many advantages by establishing connections.

  • Access and examination rights to YTÜ Startup House startups (1911 MIP)

  • Access to all YTÜ Startup House branches and free use of office space

  • Access to qualified personnel information

  • Opportunity to invest and collaborate on demo days


YTÜ Yildiz Technopark, with ISTKA support, is bringing to life the largest incubation center in the Istanbul region in the mobile gaming and esports vertical.

The GamesUP project will last for 18 months, during which training, mentorship, business and market development consulting, as well as legal and financial advisory support will be provided for mobile gaming and esports startups in the ideation stage. Additionally, for mobile gaming and esports startups in the product stage, export-oriented brand and institutionalization, growth and digital marketing, user experience design, and financial and legal advisory and mentorship support will be offered.

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