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The governance of the DAO will be run through member voting.
  • Be a member of governance body of the DAO with voting rights
  • The right to submit proposals for voting
  • The right for sourcing and diligencing new projects to invest (including yours)
NFT-weighted quorum voting
  • Members of the GF DAO can buy and hold an unlimited number of GF DAO NFTs.
  • Every NFT (not holder) has a vote weight of 1.
  • The weight of a vote is the number of NFTs held by the voter.

Primary Proposals*

Investments proposals, high stake decisions and all the proposals about DAO governance are primary proposals and require:
  • 10% minimum participation (quorum)
  • 66% pass rate
  • Voting Period: 24 hours

Secondary Proposals*

All the other proposals that don't require the entire DAO's input
  • 3% minimum participation (quorum)
  • 50% pass rate
  • Voting Period: 24 hours
*In the event that a proposal receives a majority of "yes" votes but fails to meet the necessary quorum, a second vote will be conducted immediately and without a quorum requirement