Why a DAO?

DAOs represent a fundamental shift in how organizations coordinate and incentivize resources, both human and financial.

‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’, better known as a DAO, self-organizes to accomplish a grand mission. Members of the DAO collectively decide on what they’ll do and how to get there. In contrast to traditionally geographically concentrated groups of individuals, anyone with an internet connection can contribute to a DAO. This approach grants a huge improvement in collective resources.

From an investment fund perspective, a DAO offers numerous competitive advantages, such as:

1. Diverse due diligence

We can leverage the community’s varying areas of expertise to provide unique insights into investment opportunities.

2. Aligned incentivization

We can use tokens to reward participants and stakeholders with exposure to our portfolio of investments, be they investors, contributors, accelerator mentors and coaches, web3 ecosystem funds, and of course, web3 startups.

3. Collective effort at scale

Instead of several venture partners, every member of a DAO can bring investment opportunities to the table. In addition to that, community members can support the fund’s collective marketing and product efforts in exchange for tokens and exposure to our portfolio of investments.

4. Democratization

We believe in models that democratize access to investment opportunities in early-stage startups. This will ultimately empower more people to gain financial freedom, and as a result, decrease the gap between haves and have-nots, and stimulate investment into new socially impactful areas. Anybody can buy GFY DAO NFTs and with it, gain financial exposure to our portfolio of web3 investments.

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