GFY DAO is a for-profit DAO created by the Game Factory and YTU Yildiz Teknopark for the purposes of making investments into early-stage web3 game startups. It embodies a community-oriented NFT ownership based membership structure and offers radical participation as well as flexibility that is unparalleled by traditional "venture capital fund" models.
The members of the DAO are the designated investors of the DAO: they will be the ones sourcing, diligencing, proposing and voting on investments.
The admission of new members is permissionless and based on the ownership of GFY DAO NFTs.
What sets GFY DAO apart is that every member is also a collective owner of the DAO treasury. All of the money collected from the sales of the NFT memberships will be used to fund our investment portfolio, and the profits earned from our investments will be distributed back to the members of our DAO through airdrops and carried interests.
Our NFT memberships are a one-time purchase, meaning you do not have to invest more money to continue to be a part of the DAO (unless you want to co-invest with the DAO).
The experienced and well-reputed teams of Game Factory and GamesUP will handle the startup acceleration tasks.